Did you know that the Adriatic can be reached by electric car?

HEP’s charging station franchise ELEN on Croatian roads

The ELEN project is HEP’s charging station network consisting of publicly available charging stations for electric cars with a separate measuring site and single-value monitoring of consumption, which comply with all technical and communicational standards and protocols. The charging stations are found in the area of the City of Zagreb, as well as in the remaining 20 counties of Croatia, and cover the country’s motorways and other relevant traffic routes, city centres and tourist destinations, including some of the islands. HEP has put into operation the first fast charging stations with a 50 kW capacity, and the first ultrafast charging stations on Croatian roads with a capacity as high as 350 kW. Thanks to HEP’s charging station franchise ELEN, the Croatian Adriatic can be reached by electric car from any country of the European Union.

ELEN currently encompasses a total of over 300 charging stations – the public ones, and those for the purposes of their own vehicle fleet. All charging stations are multi-standard and can charge the existing models of electric cars; considering the number of charging stations and their territorial distribution, they can be used by all electric cars registered in the Republic of Croatia. For users of ELEN charging stations, HEP has created a smartphone app available on Google Play and iStore services, which shows the locations of the charging stations and the available ports, and initiates charging. The use of ELEN charging stations is still costless; HEP currently conducts testing of all possibilities of end-user service, as well as the models of billing, with the aim of commercialising the charging service following the fulfillment of all legal and technical requirements.

Electromobility is an important part of the energy transition of the European Union in the transport sector, but also part of HEP’s Development Strategy Until 2030, which is complementary to the national strategic documents of the Republic of Croatia and the European Green Deal. With this project of electromobility, HEP affirms its role as a key subject in the electrification and decarbonisation of traffic in Croatia, and provides support to the development of tourist destinations in Croatia. The interactive ELEN website, which provides all necessary information related to HEP’s e-mobility, is also available to users. Learn more at elen.hep.hr

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