Experience EXPO 2020

World Exposition is the name of the event that has been held in the form of a fair or exhibition since the mid-19th century to the present day. It is managed by a special authority called the Bureau of International Expositions (Bureau International des Expositions, BIE).

EXPO 2020 is held in Dubai from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022. Dubai will host 191 countries for a period of six months, and will dedicate this time to creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Hundreds of pavilions will offer interactive exhibitions, live entertainment, and meeting spaces; visitors will have the opportunity to see what makes each of the participating countries unique. By demonstrating genuine solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, Program for People and Planet will feature projects from all around the world, which have provided influential and sustainable interventions with the aim to disseminate them elsewhere. The program focuses on five areas that are in accordance with a series of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDG). The jury has selected 25 projects out of 1175 applications to the Global Call for Proposals, as well as 20 untold stories from all over the world, which accentuate community initiatives and influential solutions for the people and the planet. Through the topic “EXPO 202o Dubai – Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” partnerships are sought to be built, and ideas that will create the world of tomorrow are sought to be inspired.

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Expo 2020 Thematic Weeks

Climate & Biodiversity (39 October 2021)

We find ourselves on the brink of a pivotal moment, the moment in which we must take decisive collective action in order to protect our planet and the life it sustains for future generations.

This is an opportunity to assume our place in history as the generation who made a step forward towards stopping climate change. By adapting human activity to the Earth’s planetary boundaries, hope rises that a sustainable future is possible.

A new global system, defined by circular economies propelled by renewable energy sources, will ensure the protection of polar areas from the effects of global warming, while the life on land and in oceans can be free from the threat of extinction.

Space (1723 October 2021)

Space travel and exploration has occupied the people’s imagination for generations; owing to exponential technological progress, the dream of space tourism is now closer to reality than ever.

At the same time, while space remains one of few genuinely shared resources, a peaceful and equitable management of this distant territory requires harmonised international collaboration.

During this fascinating week, we will focus on the latest innovations in space exploration and travel, while simultaneously providing a platform for discussing critical questions.

Urban & Rural Development (31 October6 November 2021)

Be it in rural or urban areas, the access to safe and affordable living conditions is a fundamental right.

Since more than 70 percent of the global population are forecast to live in cities by 2050, while more than a billion people already live in informal settlements, it is more important than ever to build resilient and sustainable habitats supported by a network of inclusive infrastructure and services.

As the demand for cities and communities is on the rise, EXPO will bring together experts, citizens and governments in order to re-examine the ways in which habitats – the urban and rural, the formal and informal ones – are formed and managed. From innovative transport, sustainable housing and green public spaces, all the way to renewable energy sources and circular economies, the habitats of the future are imagined in their sustainability and inclusivity.

Tolerance & Inclusivity (1420 November 2021)

EXPO 2020 will celebrate the International Day for Tolerance by sharing the experience of the UAE as a peaceful and multicultural country, thus honouring the universal power of joint work that benefits the whole of humankind.

The UAE will demonstrate its inherent and deeply rooted values as the embodiment of its obligation to join the entire world in the support of tolerance, pluralism, and peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence.

Through various activities, EXPO will cultivate a strong sense of intercultural understanding, while in turn promoting unhindered coexistence and integration.

Knowledge & Learning (1218 December 2021)

Knowledge motivates our global community to innovation for a better future for everybody, and accelerates progress in medicine, sustainability, technology, and in many other fields.

Our planet’s rich cultural diversity reflects a crucial role and encompasses different geographic areas, cultures, generations, as well as the social context.

During this thematic week, EXPO will provide a platform to present and celebrate the knowledge, culture and heritage of all participating countries by gathering them together within the framework of the topic Golden Jubilee that thematises human solidarity.

The topics addressed by the speakers include nontangible and tangible heritage, creative industries, and economies of knowledge.

Travel & Connectivity (915 January 2022)

Connectivity not only brings all of us together, but is also the foundation of healthy and empowered societies.

Within the framework of this thematic week, EXPO will consider physical and digital connectivity and explore the ways in which technology is used to enhance humanity in different sectors such as transport and logistics, economy, health and travel, while simultaneously advocating for digital connectivity as a universal human right.

Topics such as smart and sustainable mobility, artificial intelligence, virtual learning, teleworking and data privacy are among the many included in the timetable.

Global Goals (1622 January 2022)

Goals of the Sustainable Development Programme of the United Nations (SDG) serve as a global plan for a better world and as a declaration of our joint ambition for equal opportunities for all.

EXPO is a unique opportunity to mobilise citizens for the purpose of fulfilling global goals. The events taking place throughout this week will re-examine our progress, assess the role of actors – including individuals – which they can play in fulfilling this international plan, and inquire as to how we can act together in the planning and implementation of further steps.

The best examples from practice will be presented regarding supply, provision of basic living needs, enterprise expansion, and programmes for women and girls.

Health & Wellness (27 January2 February 2022)

The global pandemic has put our mutually connected world to a test. EXPO is an opportunity to bring together governments, subnational actors and international organisations in order to conceive an inclusive global health system that is resilient to crises and enabled for the future.

Furthermore, it provides a platform to present the latest achievements in health and medical technology – these innovations transform the way in which communities access healthcare and, more broadly, prevent the outbreak of diseases.

In a wider sense, the programme examines the ways in which innovations and investments in health and welfare can contribute to a healthier and happier global community.

Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods (1723 February 2022)

From farm to plate, the chain of food value is a constituent part of society, which provides income and means of subsistence amounting to billions.

Unfortunately, the manner in which food is currently cultivated significantly contributes to climate changes with deforestation, land degradation, pollution, and food waste. EXPO brings together investors from the entire value chain in order to indicate localised solutions to food and agricultural challenges.

The programme will explore sustainable food cultivation to improve eating and earning, and will encompass the approaches to climatically acceptable agriculture and agricultural practices that increase productivity while operating in accordance with the environment.

Water (2026 March 2022)

Water keeps us alive, but also prompts money, merchandise and people worldwide, provides a valuable resource of renewable energy, and enables the cultivation of global food.

EXPO brings together citizens and investors, and teaches them how to preserve and sustainably manage this precious limited resource for the purpose of meeting an infinite need.

The programme will underline the true value of water, as well as the progress and best practices in ensuring clean water for the people, the industry, and the planet.