Performances of the LADO Ensemble at EXPO 2020

National Day celebration with the power and beauty of Croatian folklore

Alongside the official ceremony, the programme on the occasion of celebrating the National Day of the Republic of Croatia at EXPO 2020 on 6 March also included the entertainment programme prepared by the artists of the LADO Ensemble.

Following their performance at Al Wasl Plaza during the official ceremony, LADO continued their interpretation of Croatian music, vocal and dance cultural heritage on the Jubilee Stage accompanied by LADO Electro. For the last two decades, the LADO Electro project has been merging traditional music expressions with electronic music; it was initiated in 2002 by the LADO Ensemble and the HR Electro duo – Hrvoje Crnić Boxer and Boris Harfman.

All of the smaller-scale performances, featuring portions of the Ensemble, were held on different stages of EXPO, alongside a representative instrumental programme of traditional songs from various parts of Croatia, performed on tamburas and the entire spectrum of Croatian traditional instruments.

The performance of the LADO Ensemble also continued on 7 March with the evening concert programme at Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre. The concert consisted of choreographies and vocal-instrumental fragments from different regions of Croatia, therefore presenting Croatian heritage that originated at the intersection of cultures and was enriched by Mediterranean, Balkan, Pannonian, and Alpine influences. The programme saw the alternating of dance choreographies, instrumental performances by orchestras and vocal soloists, including Primoštensko kolo, Drmeš Posavski bregi, Valpovačko kolo, the traditional music pieces “Ftičica je letala” and “Zelinski mužikaši,” “Dubrovački linđo,” and the medley of dances and songs of the Baranja region entitled “Ej sviraj Pavo.” Alongside the fans of LADO and the people from Croatia who visited EXPO 2020, the audience was multinational and they all enjoyed the performances with equal intensity.

Alongside the protocolar and entertainment parts of the programme to mark the National Day of the Republic of Croatia, visitors of the Croatia Pavilion also had the opportunity to visit Croatia virtually and enjoy its beauty thanks to the entirely new experience of augmented reality (AR) created by Mastercard, which helps to show the Croatian tourist offer and Croatia’s natural beauty through the innovative advertising tool. Thanks to the cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board, the interactive experience in a 360° environment, which demonstrates the reasons Croatia is considered an alluring tourist destination, is available to visitors until 10 March at EXPO, while the same experience can also be accessed through the platform via smartphones.

Alongside natural resources, cultural heritage is Croatia’s most valuable asset. HEP is therefore a years-long supporter of projects aimed at preserving and promoting Croatian culture. HEP – more than Electricity!

Author of photographs of Lado Ensemble: Marko Zirdum

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