The Advent in Zagreb is being presented at the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai

By placing the main motifs of this year’s Advent Zagreb on various locations of the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai, the Zagreb Tourist Board brings a new dimension to the promotion of its most important tourist product.

The visitors of the Croatian Pavilion can get a glimpse of the atmosphere from the Advent in Zagreb by watching a short promotional movie. Also, the toys that can be found in virtual reality (AR) in ten locations in the center of Zagreb, are now also located in five locations within EXPO, as well as in the Croatian Pavilion itself. The toys will be visible before and during the Christmas week, which takes place from December 20th to December 28th. With the help of smartphones and the Equinox XR app, visitors can look for recognizable Virtual toys, take them to any other location in the world or share them on social media. Apart from that, light shows relating to the Adven, as well as the promotional short movie are shown in the evening on the most frequented locations of EXPO.

As part of the promotion of Zagreb’s Advent, the “Bow” dress by Krie Design, founded in 2008 by Kristina Burja, was exhibited in the Croatian Pavilion. The brand has become recognizable, locally and globally, for its unique designer signature, as Krie Design’s core belief is that fashion can be both sustainable and affordable. The confirmation of the brand’s success is the fact that they received an invitation to perform at Arab Fashion Week in 2018, as the only clothing brand from Croatia. The Krie collection has delighted fashion lovers around the world, like famous Arab actresses Mayssa Maghrebi and Cynthia Samuel, who have also chosen to wear the red Krie dress.

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