Visit from the Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia to the Croatian Pavilion

The Croatian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai was visited by the Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Boštjan Koritnik. The Minister was welcomed by the Assistant Director of the Pavilion, Mr. Tomislav Vukovac.

The employees of the pavilion presented the exhibition space that includes some of the country’s traditional elements, such as the olive tree and the artistic representation of the Croatian coat of arms, and incorporates the natural and cultural heritage of Croatia, as well as the future of mobility – the Rimac Nevera. The Minister also watched a video projection showing the country’s achievements in the fields of science, arts, and sports.

The tour was followed by a meeting in the business zone of the Croatian Pavilion, where the Minister and the Assistant Director exchanged views on the opportunities provided by the participation in the World Exhibition, as well as the experiences gained during the first half of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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