What to expect at the exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai?

Dubai will host the world for six months. An unforgettable journey through 191 countries of the world awaits all visitors of the exhibition; entrepreneurs, company owners, and global organisations will also be gathered at one place. EXPO 2020 will stimulate new ways of thinking, and will create a platform for creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

According to the latest reports, EXPO 2020 is expected to attract 25 million visitors. Considering the fact that more than 25 billion AED is expected to be invested into infrastructural projects for EXPO, Dubai RTA’s Masar 2020 foresees integrated possibilities of mass transit, which includes the metro, trams, buses, and vessels. The latest technologies in smart mobility have been envisaged, such as cable cars and self-driven cars; cycling routes and lanes will also be introduced.

A crucial role will be played by Metro Route 2020, a train that can carry 46 000 passengers in less than 16 minutes from the Dubai Marina to the location of EXPO. Additional workplaces will be opened in the wider economy, which will create an extraordinary contribution to a more sustainable future. History has shown that the countries and cities that successfully host global events, be it in the sports or commercial arena, transform significantly. In Dubai, everything is or at least seeks to be the greatest, the fastest and the most luxurious, and therefore we can expect the unexpected from this exhibition.

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